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  • Higher Ed (formal)
Jamiya is currently piloting one 12 week blended (online and in-person tuition) ‘Small Private Online Courses’ (SPOCs, not MOOCs) in Applied IT and preparing a second in Global Studies, which will be accredited and delivered in Arabic (with some English materials). These are being delivered in collaboration with the University of Gothenburg, a small team of Syrian academics and NGOs in the field - Norwegian Refugee Council and Jesuit Refugee Service, both in Jordan. By making use of existing courses at the bachelor level (adapted from University of Gothenburg), learning infrastructure and technology, the pilot tests a model that makes use of the skills of refugee communities in leading the creation and delivery of new higher education solutions. The course content is delivered online, however there is in-person tutoring through a blended learning model, via block seminars delivered by academics and weekly tutoring sessions run by local partner. A mentoring programme is in place whereby students on the Applied IT course are paired with a displaced Syrian scholar, who serves as a mentor via virtual meetings. Further developing the mentoring programme is being explored. Jamiya is also collaborating with Empower Hack to build a prototype of the 'Jamiya VocApp': a mobile and web application to assist students Syrian starting courses in Europe in a second language (English, German and French) with learning relevant academic technical vocabulary through a peer-to-peer micro-learning platform. The platform will provide contextualised translation of terms Arabic<>English/German/French, online support from Syrian peers and Syrian academics.
Title Jamiya Project
Date launched 2016 - Currently piloting 1 course and preparing a second
Duration Ongoing
Purpose MOOCs
Online or Bleended Blended
Learning objectives The Jamiya Project aims to provide relevant and accessible higher education for Syrian refugees by reconnecting them with Syrian academics, European universities and the latest education technology. The learning objectives of the courses should be tailored to the needed skills of displaced Syrian students.
Target group Displaced current and potential Syrian higher education students
Evaluation results/ monitoring plan Jamiya has created an open online forum for Syrian refugees to provide feedback about the model and approach. This has already generated more than 800 responses. In early 2016, Jamiya conducted a survey of Syrian refugees regarding their needs and experience of education, particularly higher education. Jamiya will be evaluated by external consultants who are designated to produce a report on methodology and the overall model (to take place end of 2016)
Recognition or certification of learning Courses are recognised by the partner university which provides the existing course. The model seeks to apply ECTS and be recognised across the European Higher Education Area.
Financing and sustainability model The Jamiya project is currently incubated by Alexandria Trust: - an independent fundraising institution that is also supporting Al Fanar Media. It aims to become a stand-alone charity and is currently assembling a board. Jamiya would like to pair with further European universities to roll out more courses. The funding model and possibilities are currently being assessed via the pilot phase.
Leading Organization Jamiya Ltd, London
Contact Person Contact Form: