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  • Language learning
  • Social inclusion
Ready for Study aims to combine an extensive set of practical knowledge and competencies regarding higher education with language training to facilitate integration of young refugees into degree programmes in Germany. The course helps participants successfully navigate the higher and professional education landscape in Germany, to reflect and develop their academic and language skills in order to commence or continue a programme of study. Participants solve case studies built around real-life scenarios over the course of five consecutive assignments with mentoring and peer-feedback, to determine individual readiness for entering a degree programme in German educational institutions. The two-week modules comprise: Reflection on Skills and Preferences, Higher Education System in Germany, Navigating the Campus, Academic and Study Skills, Application and Admissions, and Student Life. The curriculum provides video and reading material as scaffolding for participants collaborating in mentored teams to solve problem-based assignments rooted in real-life scenarios for foreign students. Learning materials were adapted from OER or produced specifically for the course (videos, language exercises). Key elements of the learning experience design were collaborative work in diverse groups with peer-feedback, a content-an-language-integrated learning approach (CLIL) and continuous mentoring.
Title Ready for Study: Study skills for refugees in Germany
Date launched January 2016 (12 weeks, future phase planned for 2017 – 2020)
Duration Ongoing
Type of Resource MOOC / Sub-category: Mentored Open Online Course (Mentored cMOOC)
Purpose Social inclusion/active citizenship
Language Learning
/ Sub-category: Entering higher education
Online or Blended Online
Learning objectives Hands-on capacity-building for refugees who want to apply and study in a German higher education institution and community-building for integration; includes elements of language learning, self-assessment of existing qualifications and group work on case-studies related to studying in Germany.
Target group Refugees and other foreign learners interested in beginning or continuing a higher education program at a German institution.
Evaluation results/ monitoring plan Pilot enrolled 1200 participants, about 250 of which completed the course; learners could evaluate language ability and study skills with self-test at beginning and end of course. Course participation did not require prerequisites or documentation.
The results of the pilot are being been evaluated and learnings will be reflected in the next version. Language testing and training will be adapted further to specific learning objectives and the course will in future be offered with a blended learning option to accompany on-site courses at partner institutions.
Recognition or certification of learning Certificate of completion, self-assessment of skills and a checklist of “next steps” on the path to enrolling into a degree programme.
Financing and sustainability model Conceived, produced and developed by a consortium of educational institutions lead by Leuphana University on behalf of Germany’s Federal Employment Agency (Bundesagentur für Arbeit), video production and hosting with external service providers (Bilderfest GmbH, Munich and Candena Gmbh Lüneburg respectively) . Partners include Goethe University of Frankfurt (Interdisziplinäres Kolleg für Hochschuldidaktik, International Office), Deutsch-Uni Online/gast e.V., Stifterverband für die deutsche Wissenschaft, Fernuniversität Hagen, and the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). Future iterations planned in co-operation with DAAD and partner institutions on the basis of a permanent framework for partner consortium.
Leading Organization Leuphana University
Contact Person Felix Seyfarth
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.