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  • Employment
ReDI School of Digital Integration is a non-profit digital school for tech-interested newcomers in Germany and Denmark.
In the current context of pandemic, we are offering many of our teacher-led courses online, as well as our corporate-sponsored self- paced ones.
The online self-paced courses are available through our website ( and are offered in partnership with the Cisco Networking Academy, Microsoft Learn, Dataquest and Immersive Insiders platforms. These courses are designed for users to take at their pace time at any point in their career journey. They may be available as instructor-led courses at some academies and include, among others, the following topics: Project management, Software development, Digital marketing, Devops, Cloud computing with Azure, Entrepreneurship, the Internet of Things, Cybersecurity, Linux, R, Python and SQL, AR and VR . There is a content outline for each course.
The teacher-led live courses are being offered online to Germany- based students as long as the COVID19-related restrictions do not allow for in-person teaching. Teacher-led live courses have a duration of 4 months, and are organised along the following tracks: Software Development with Java, Data Analytics with Python, Web Development with JS and React, Cloud Computing with Azure, Salesforce Fundamentals and IoT. Their format might go back to being blended or in-person as COVID-19 restrictions ease.
Module offered in the platform and also an option for the learner to enroll to the Module.
Title ReDI School of Digital Integration gGmbH
Date launched February 2016
Status (Ongoing, forthcoming) Ongoing
Type of Resource Online (and offline) tech courses and career support
Purpose Employment, digital literacy, digital skills
Online or Blended Online and blended
Learning outcomes ReDI School of Digital Integration is a non-profit tech school for locals and newcomers without access to digital education. We offer our students high-quality coding and basic computer courses and the chance to collaborate with the start-up and digital industry since 2016.
Our aim is to provide our students with valuable digital skills and a strong network of tech leaders, industry professionals and partners to help create new opportunities for all.
Target group Asylum seekers & refugees (and any individual with a forced migration background), individuals from underserved or disadvantaged communities.
Evaluation results/ monitoring plan NA
Learning assessment Learning assessment is carried out by the teachers (in the case of the teacher-led programs).
Recognition or certification of learning The successful graduates from the teacher-led courses will receive a participation letter issued by the ReDI School. The courses are for free, and there is no cost associated with the issuance of the participation letter.
All of the self-paced courses are offered for free, but some of the certifications they lead to might be only available upon payment.
Europass Aligned with basic Europass fields
Financing and sustainability model The school is financed through corporate sponsorship, private donations, funding through donations, and cooperation with public authorities.
Leading Organization N/A
Contact Person Berlin team:
Munich team:
Copenhagen team:
NRW team:
Self-paced courses:
Teacher-led courses are depending on each location
Is this initiative country-specific? If yes, please specify the country No