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  • Language learning
  • Social inclusion
  • Teacher training
  • Support Personnel
The language website ( which is operated by the Austrian Integration Fund (ÖIF), a fund of the Republic of Austria, and offers integration services on a national level, is a website for people learning or teaching German abroad or in Austria. It offers different materials for the first orientation in Austria, as well as online exercises, free materials for download, prepared lessons to learn about Austria from different perspectives, textbooks, online tests etc. Some contents on the website are translated in 9 languages so that everyone can navigate easily through the vast offerings of the website.
Title Mein Sprachportal
Date launched N/A
Status (Ongoing, forthcoming) Ongoing
Type of Resource Other online courses
Learning Platform
Purpose Language Learning
Social inclusion
Teacher Training
Online or Blended Online
Learning outcomes Learners will have the chance to learn German online, independently and for free. The online platform offers online courses as well as modern e-learning tools such as audio-visual materials to study German.
Learners will also find practical information about living and working in Austria as well as fundamental values.
Generally speaking, the internal courses at ÖIF are primarily directed at people entitled to asylum and subsidiary protection, as well as at asylum applicants with a strong likelihood of having their claim recognised.
The ÖIF offers:
  • German courses including online courses from level A1 to B2
  • Professional language courses
  • “Migrants care” courses (a subject-specific German course that
  • provides additional comprehensive information on training in the field of nursing and care)
  • Volunteer learning groups
  • The so-called “Treffpunkt Deutsch” learning groups (German meet-ups), which mainly serve to go over the material learned in regular German courses or to prepare for a regular German course. Instruction covers all language levels from A1 to B2. For people who are just starting to learn the language, alphabet training is also offered. This course is taught by qualified helpers working on a volunteer basis.
Target group German language teachers as well as German language students
Kindergarten teachers and people interested in early language acquisition
People granted asylum (in Austria)
People granted subsidiary protection (in Austria)
Evaluation results/ monitoring plan N/A
Recognition or certification of learning Certificates are issued by the European Framework of Reference for Languages. Examinations imply a fee, however, in some cases this can be reimbursed in accordance with a voucher system for migrants and refugees.
Europass Aligned with basic Europass fields
Financing and sustainability model Austrian Integration Fund:
Österreich Institut:
Austrian Federal Chancellery:
Leading Organization Austrian Integration Fund
Contact Person Österreichischer Integrationsfonds
Landstraßer Hauptstraße 26,
1030 Wien
Tel: +43 1/715 10 51 - 250
Is this initiative country-specific? If yes, please specify the country Austria, German-speaking countries