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  • Teacher training
The INTO project is a Comenius Multilateral Project under the priority “Reducing early school leaving, improving the learning of students with migrant background and Roma pupils as well as promoting gender equality and inclusive approaches to learning”.
The project aims to promote strategies and methods that help students with a migrant background at risk of early school leaving, to maintain their motivation, through the development, testing and validation of an Intercultural Mentoring Programme, based on the empowered peer education methodology. The project promotes an innovative model that fosters young people sense of initiative and motivates students with migrant background to fulfill their educational potential. The Intercultural Mentor provides support to their peers in learning, study prosecution guidance and homework’s support.
The outcomes of the project include:
  • Didactic Kit: conceived as self-teaching materials which contains the training framework to directly implement the model of intervention in secondary schools system;
  • Guideline Handbook: supports the future implementation of training courses – by other education organizations and secondary school;
  • Training courses for teachers from the perspective of teaching / learning life-skills, key competencies in order to set up a new model of intervention towards migrants within their schools;
  • An informal training course for students with a migrant background to become an Intercultural Mentor
Title INTO project
Date launched November 2013
Status (Ongoing, forthcoming) Ongoing
Type of Resource Electronic handbook
Online course
Purpose Teacher training
Online or Blended Blended
Learning objectives
  • Apply in Italy, Spain, UK, Cyprus and Poland the Intercultural Mentor Profile, an empowered peer education model that fosters young people sense of initiative and motivates students with migrant background to fulfill their educational potential;
  • Develop, test and implement training and didactic materials aimed at innovating schools education system through an intercultural mentoring programme, based on the centrality of young people, especially immigrants;
  • Implement five pilot training courses for secondary school teachers in order to promote their professional development and inclusive approaches to teaching and learning in multicultural contexts, enhancing the inclusion of pupils with a migrant background.
Target group Students with a migrant background at risk of early school leaving (primary/secondary education)/ teachers working with migrants
Evaluation results/ monitoring plan In the framework of the INTO project each partner implemented the intercultural mentoring programme in schools. During the programme each student – mentor was responsible to support and guide his mentee as well as to keep notes in his diary. In the same way. teachers – coordinators were responsible to guide and support both mentors and mentees.
Evaluation was based on the successful completion of the online course.
Recognition or certification of learning N/A
Europass Aligned with basic Europass fields
Financing and sustainability model Financed by the Lifelong Learning Program of the European Commission
To be sustained through its integration to the normal activities of the partners in supporting teachers’ capacity building and multicultural education. The resources remain open and available.
Leading Organization OXFAM ITALIA
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