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The aim of the initiative is to offer specialized distance learning courses on refugee law. Specifically, people involved in the initiative bring together resources for legal aid providers scattered over the internet in one site. In this regard, they make it easier for legal aid organisations from any country to work collaboratively. The resources include videos and pdf documents and are available for download. There is also a section with offers resources to refugees, including self-help kits.
Title Rights in Exile Programme: Refugee Legal Aid Information for Lawyers Representing Refugees Globally
Date launched 2016
Status (Ongoing, forthcoming) Ongoing
Type of Resource Digital Resources
Purpose Support Personnel
Online or Blended Online
Learning outcomes The Rights in Exile Programme (IRRI) was created to provide access to knowledge, nurture the growing refugee legal aid and advocacy movement in all countries, and encourage active sharing of information as well as expertise among legal practitioners throughout the world.
Target group Refugees, Practitioners working with refugees
Evaluation results/ monitoring plan N/A
Recognition or certification of learning N/A
Europass Title, organisation, thematic area, learning outcomes
Financing and sustainability model N/A
Leading Organization N/A
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Website For practitioners:
For refugees:
Is this initiative country-specific? If yes, please specify the country No